In my spare time: My exploration into photography started with a point-and-shoot. My parents didn't take many photos when I was a child so I'm not sure where I picked up the interest. From the beginning, it wasn't just about documenting my life - it was about creating images that were interesting, capturing a feeling or experimenting with a new photographic technique. I spent hours researching how to improve my photography skills with a basic point-and-shoot, to achieve the photography I saw in books. Throughout my teenage years I loved doing photoshoots with my friends, trying to replicate studio images with a white sheet hung from a curtain rail. I used to be determined to get out in the garden at 'golden hour', stuffing my dinner down as fast as I could to catch the dusky light. I had no formal training, learning through experimentation and YouTube.  During the past few years I have had the opportunity to photograph a few events which unfortunately due to safeguarding many cannot be posted on this portfolio. Event photography I find an enticing challenge, as you only have one chance, but the opportunity to capture people's interactions is always rewarding. I have since branched out with photographing my graphic design work and learning new areas of photography such as food with only a camera, diffuser, reflector and a desk lamp. It's been an interesting experience, and to produce the images I want, I have had to get creative with the gear I have, particularly through lockdown in a small student house!

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