This was a D&AD brief to create a typography led campaign to represent and raise awareness of a cause. The typography must be influenced by a song, genre or musical movement. A vinyl cover, poster, digital element and another touchpoint must be used to express the campaign. 
I chose loneliness and jazz, specifically I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday.

This was the vinyl cover I produced and all the images of it are my own.

My response was based on the lyrics of I’ll Be Seeing You, as I felt this song was effective in communicating with a wide target audience; both those who suffer from loneliness and those who can help. 
To many people, the song evokes feelings of nostalgia and I wanted to channel that into the campaign to produce an effective call to action, as people remember the less lonely times. 
Vinyl Cover : 
The vinyl cover has die cut squares to emulate an apartment building, with tracing paper windows that ‘light up’ when the inner sleeve is inserted into the cover. This highlights how many people are alone despite being physically surrounded by many people. When the inner sleeve is taken out, the ‘lights’ switch off; when the viewer reads the insert they are taken from that lonely place and given help.
Vinyl Cover Back Cover & Inner Sleeve:
The back cover highlights loneliness more visually, with the solitary word ‘you’ surrounded by empty windows. On the back of the inner sleeve is the lyrics to I’ll Be Seeing You, and the edges of the vinyl glow with a neon strip- a reference to the wider jazz genre.
The posters pull imagery from the vinyl cover, to create a visual consistency across the campaign. The second set use the counters as ‘windows’ in the type, and use the tagline more prominently.
Out of Home Touchpoint: 
These touch points are vinyl stickers that use the lyrics to highlight places that people may feel lonely, and where people can find new connections.

The TV Advert I felt was the most suited digital element to the target audience, many of which would be the elderly population. It ties together all the elements within the campaign and is designed to encourage people to feel open about discussing their loneliness. 
This couldn't be uploaded onto this site due to copyright of the song, but excerpts can be seen at the end of the video below which was my submission video.
Below is a small selection of my sketchbook pages, showing some of my experimentation and key ideation for the final vinyl cover. My final colour scheme is also shown here.
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