A competition brief to create a concept, design a visual identity and promotional campaign for the NTU Graphic Design 2020 degree show and related events.
Our concept uses the typographic element of the ampersand to create a brand that encourages and celebrates connection, collaboration and diversity. 

A Mood Board for the Ampersand identity. The images are not my own.

The ampersand concept is realised in a stripped back brand identity that emphasises our work as well as a range of practices and people in our year. Ultimately, the & is an encouragement to continue the conversation beyond our degree show and into employment. This is a mood board and chosen colour palette and typefaces. 
Posters above: The ampersand is an ever changing element in our concept and these posters highlight the beauty of each letterform as well as advertising our degree show.
Posters above: These posters use the concept of not being ‘just’ a graphic designer, but rounded individuals.
These posters show how the concept can work across the festival as a whole and to advertise the guest speakers.
The ampersand forms the shape of the wayfinding to gently guide viewers round each section of work. This was so that all the work on display has the chance to be seen. 
Different ampersands might be selected to represent each category of work on display and help visitors find what they would like. 
Visitors can sign their name on the guest book wall. 

This shows example sample work (I don't own these animations), interspersed with animations from our branding.

One of the animations I created for the brand identity.

The animation and motion screen would tick round different student’s work, broken up with ampersand animations that carry the brand identity of the show. 
A wall of catalogues of student’s work would be on show as visitors enter the space, each with a unique cover. As shown, the stacks of catalogues would reveal different colours and forms as visitors take them away. 
Each spread will show the work of each student, with a grid on the left hand page and a showcase image on the right. 
The reusable coffee cups will also feature an ampersand and a variation of colour combinations for visitors to takeaway and write on during the show if they wish.
The invitations use the ‘I am a designer &’ concept to allow receivers to engage with and express other interests, design or not, and are encouraged to share on social media.
Our website pulls together both streams of the concept. The landing page mimics the invitation by allowing the visitor to type their personal identity into the sentence. 
Large ampersands sit on the right hand of the page, but only parts of the forms are visible on any given screen position, like the catalogue covers. The portfolios of each student are categorised by the filters; both design related and not. As the mouse is rolled over a portrait of a student, it turns to colour and a descriptor chosen by the student appears written over the top. 
When clicked, each image leads to the student’s personal portfolio page with their contact details.
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